Don’t tolerate social media, embrace it!

Some schools ban it, others just tolerate it. But what does social media have to do with learning and authentic assessment? Can Twitter be a good teacher, and why should a LinkedIn connection mean more than an “A” on a poster board?  This session will inspire teachers, and just as importantly administrators, the power of leveraging social media tools into the classroom. While teaching digital citizenship and what NOT to do on social media is important, Don will demonstrate what students CAN and SHOULD do on social media, and how it can accelerate the students’ success, and give them an advantage over every other teen. . Everyone will leave with specific tasks they can implement immediately into their class environment to get started. Don will also point out why teachers need to share, steal, and guide others on social media as well, and help you get started immediately. So, whether you’re on social media now or not, Don will inspire the hawks, crows, or owls to engage and help transform education, 140 characters at a time. Lol. #EdChat